Sometimes a writer, always an enthusiast.

Wyomingite living in Brooklyn.




One thought on “About

  1. Your post on supporting Trump… I really am supporting Trump because he is a fighter who doesn’t back down to snarky, pc-ness, well, like yours, frankly. In my opinion, snarky pc-ness is a darkness that the other leader candidate either fear with great alacrity on the Republican side or wield with deadly viciousness on the Democrat side.

    Neither wielding pc-ness from the Left or fearing pc-ness from the Right will work on the world stage with men or nations of evil intent. Trump neither fears the mind-game that is pc tyranny nor seeks to wield its darkness to control others. He will fight evil as he has fought the pc subset of evil, with fearlessness. That’s what we need, imho…

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